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Brake Disc Skimming

Brake Disc SkimmingWorn and scored brake discs can result in brake noise and vibrations, particularly if new brake pads are fitted without replacing or skimming the discs.

Superior Car Clinic is there to save you money!

While replacing your brake pads, we tend to skim the brake discs rather than replacing them as well. This is done on the car and in compliance with the specifications of the car. Skimming brake discs provides a new and flat surface for your new brake pads which will improve performance during braking.

Scored, old or worn discs (rotors) can reduce performance because the area of contact of the brake pad with the disc is reduced, thus extending the period for the brake pads to achieve full contact. Therefore it is advisable to skim the discs if they are badly scored. If they are skimmed the final thickness must not be less than the specified minimum thickness.

However, brake discs need to be replaced, when the brake disc has worn down to the minimum brake disc thickness or when the brake disc has been subjected to uneven wear patterns including warping, scoring and cracking.


Call Superior Car Clinic for a free quotation for skimming brake discs.  We use modern machines to skim the brake discs while they remain on the car. Saving you time and money!
At  Superior Car Clinic, we service any car model and make - and will be happy to be at your assistance.

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