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9 Fountain Road, Eastleigh, Edenvale
Telephone Number: 011 051 7918, Cell Number: 066 493 0168

Why choose Superior Car Clinic?

  • Service and repair center for all makes of vehicles.
  • Only reputable brands used.
  • 1-day turn around on major services.
  • Collect & drop off service within a 3km radius.
  • Safety checks from front to rear.
  • Work guaranteed for 6 months or 10 000km, whichever comes first.


Thanks for bringing my car back to life

I am simply BLOWN AWAY. I made the mistake of buying a car from Motor City Middleburg. A car with some issues (to say the least). Thankfully, I found Superior Car Clinic. Thanks to them this car is like new. I received the best service, the best quote and in the shortest time, my car is something I want to own and not drive off a cliff. Thank you to Gerald and the team at Superior Car Clinic. Gerald, I will not be taking my car anywhere else, in fact, I will be recommending you to all I know. Another Garage wanted to charge me R20K more for 1/2 the job. Gerald and the team did it Cheaper, Quicker and I am sure, much better than AutoMa$# would have. Thanks for bringing my car back to life.

Anthony John Delport via Facebook
Johannesburg, 29.01.2020

What are you Guys? – Angels in overalls?

Dear Geoff and Team,

I have no idea of how to thank you for all that you have done for me but, in particular, for my car. I suppose the only way is straight up……….

I was extremely concerned and worried about my car ( as you all well know ) when I arrived at your workshop on Monday morning. You and your team opened my bonnet and, quite frankly, found an engine that was severely neglected for 10 YEARS BY TWO OTHER WORKSHOPS WITH QUALIFIED MECHANICS !!! – I think not !

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Service & Repair for Honda Accord

Thanks guys for the great major service done on my Honda Accord 2.4 Auto today. I have been dealing with the Honda dealership for years but suspected that they were not only overcharching but recommending repair work that was not really required .Your guys confirmed this today with the major service at half the cost and confirming that two other repairs totalling R12000 were not actually required.

Mervyn Alan T. via Facebook
Edenvale, 19.04.2017


You are the Superior A TEAM when it comes to servicing!

Dear Geoff, Derek and Team,

A short note to express our gratitude concerning the recent service on our Toyota Corolla. Thank you so very much for being so kind to me as I walk with great difficulty and that Derek came to my resque in this regard by bringing me home and then fetching us again. You may not realise it but that was a huge burden liften off my shoulders. Thank you again Derek we really appreciate it.

The car is now perfect and it is running better than ever. The brakes are much better and I especially notice that the hand brake now more esily hold the car on pull offs. So a huge thank you to the whole team for taking such good care our car. Geoff we also than you for advising us off the problems on the car once you guys had been through it and then again phoning to adive that Derek would soon be bringing the car to us.Thank you too that the car was washed. As you know the car has in the past always been service by the agents. Every single time I got the car back the oil on the dipstick indicated an overfill above the FULL mark by about 5 mm plus. I really am impressed and congratulate the team because when I checked the oil after your service it was exactly spot on for the first time in ten years!!!! I am rapidly starting to think that the agents do not really care at all and I am not impressed that they the brake problem was not pointed out and addressed by them.Your pricing is most reasonable when compared to the agents and price is so important to us as pensioners on a fixed income.

Please convey our thanks to the enite team for a job well done and making the servicing process easy and a truly excellent experience for us. You guys are indeed the Superior A TEAM when it comes to servicing.

We will be using you for all our servicing needs in future and will not hestitate to recommend Superior Car Clinic to anybody wanting to experience good old fashioned service excellence and care for the customer which is so rare these days.

Wishing you everything of the very best for the future

Thanks again!

Yours sincerely

George and Cheryl
Edenvale, 10.03.2015

People are saying all the good things about you

Good Day Team ,

Hope you are well.

I have been with car service city for a very long time and after a bad experience I had with them I decided to research about my next best machenical guys and for some reasons your name came in .I checked your reviews and have noticed people are saying all the good things about you.Congratulations guys and I hereby wish to confirm that I am leaving Car Service City for you.


Kgomotso S.

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