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What are you Guys? – Angels in overalls?

Dear Geoff and Team,

I have no idea of how to thank you for all that you have done for me but, in particular, for my car. I suppose the only way is straight up……….

I was extremely concerned and worried about my car ( as you all well know ) when I arrived at your workshop on Monday morning. You and your team opened my bonnet and, quite frankly, found an engine that was severely neglected for 10 YEARS BY TWO OTHER WORKSHOPS WITH QUALIFIED MECHANICS !!! – I think not !

An Full diagnostics was done on the engine by your technician and we were able to agree on a “ starting point “ – seeing that a previous mechanic informed + - a month prior to this that my engine “ will cease up “ within the next 5 months ( not if I can help it ! ).

When I arrived at your workshop, no booking was done for a major service at a prior date but you were still prepared to assist me and basically give my car your full attention. Needless to say, the major service took most of the day because, as I mentioned before, the car was neglected for 10 years. – My car and I were extremely Blessed and thankful to be there.

At the end of the service, I was presented with a bill that was more than fair for the amount of TLC and individual attention that my car was given by a truly qualified technician. It was indeed a great honour to be part of the whole “salvation “ process.

The bill also indicated all areas and work that would need to be looked at in future and in my case, the immediate concern was the fan belt and starter.

True to your early warning, the started decided that he’s also now had enough and conked out – after 20 years of loyal service.


Once again, it was no trouble for you and your team to assist “ a damsel in distress “ and a mechanic was sent to my home to collect my car for another started to be fitted.

And lastly ( for bad luck comes in tree’s ), yesterday, at an Engen garage just outside of Germiston, my car refused to go into reverse gear – The gearbox & started were probably jealous for not getting any attention the previous day !

Once again, it was no problem for you to come to my rescue……what are you Guys ? – Angels in overalls ?

This morning – WOW !!!!!! – it was driving on a cloud – Cloud 9………

In closing – a Huge THANK YOU to the Superior Car Clinic staff who did not only go the extra mile for me but a whole Comrades marathon - …… backwards!

You have restored my faith in my car as well as motor technicians and that means a lot to me.

With fondest regards to All till we see each other again…….

Nikki O.
Johannesburg, 29.05.2015

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